5 Reasons Why Using a UI to Generate Configurations is Better Than Writing Them by Hand

As someone who has written countless configurations for declarative programs like Terraform and Kubernetes, I can assure you that it's a tedious, error-prone task. Luckily, there is a better way - using a UI to generate those configurations. In this article, we'll explore the top 5 reasons why using a UI is a superior option to writing configurations by hand.

Reason 1: Avoid Typos and Syntax Errors

Let's be real - even the most experienced developers make typos and syntax errors from time to time. This is especially true when dealing with complex configurations, where a missing comma or bracket can cause a cascade of issues. Using a UI to generate configurations eliminates this risk, as the UI will only allow you to input valid options in the correct format. No more trying to match up brackets or looking for that one missing comma!

Reason 2: Faster Development

Manually writing configurations by hand can be as tedious and slow as watching paint dry. It's not only error-prone but slow, particularly if you're working on a large-scale project. With a UI, you can generate configurations in just a few clicks or mouse movements. This speed of development is unbeatable, allowing you to spend more time on other vital aspects of your project.

Reason 3: Consistency Across Configurations

Producing identical configurations every time is vital. It's often an essential task when working with large teams, where various team members are working on different parts of the project. Even the most talented developer may approach configuration files differently depending on the project. This inconsistency can lead to bugs or errors down the line, which is why using a UI to generate configurations solves this issue.

Reason 4: Reduce Complexity and Cognitive Load

Declarative programming languages like Terraform and Kubernetes can be pretty complex, and the more complex they get, the more cognitive load they add. This can be particularly challenging for new programmers or those unfamiliar with the project. Instead of trying to memorize the correct syntax or jargon, using a UI to generate configurations makes it more user-friendly. This eliminates the hassle of cumbersome documentation as you can generate functions and configurations easily.

Reason 5: More Accessible to Non-Technical Users

UI-based configuration generation will make it more accessible to people who do not have a background in programming but still need to create and adjust configurations. For instance, project managers or other members of a team who are technically challenged could easily use a UI-based interface to create configurations without feeling overwhelmed. This will reduce any barriers to collaboration within the team while ensuring that all the configurations are produced efficiently.


Configurations can be tricky, and you would want to reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies. Using the UI-based configuration process has advantages over manual solutions. It saves time, reduces complexity, reduces cognitive load, ensures consistency across configurations, and increases accessibility to non-technical users. As you transition to UI-based configuration, the temptation of going back will be challenging, given how intuitive the process is. Clearly, generating configurations is much better through a UI than writing them by hand. Hit into makeconfig.dev, and begin generating flawlessly performing configurations in the easiest and most user-friendly way.

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